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Fiber Media Converter

Fiber media converter is also known as an Ethernet media converter or Fiber Ethernet converter. It is a crucial networking device that allows two media types to transform and communicate. These media converters overcome the link distance limitation (~100m) by converting the Ethernet data to a fiber optic signal. Depending on the fiber cable, its max distance reaches up to 120km. MarStars offers a variety of fiber media converters, such as Fiber to Copper, Fiber-to-Fiber, and PoE Media Converters. Based on the speed, we provide Fast Ethernet media converters, Gigabit Ethernet media converters, and 10G media converters.
And Industrial networks need a flexible, edge-of-network Ethernet switch that can convert copper media to different fiber types for electrical isolation and long-distance communication. MarStars family of copper-to-fiber Ethernet Media Converters covers the full range of application environments, with regular (office), hardened (factory floor) and premium (outdoor) versions. The compact package is ideal for the network edge and can be conveniently mounted to suit any application.

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